Cold Meat Subs

Create YOUR Sub At Sylvester's Market

Choose from our fresh white or wheat rolls.

Small Kaiser rolls available in White, Wheat or Onion Rolls.

Medium Portuguese Rolls available in White only.

Large Hoagie Rolls in White or Wheat.

Then choose from our regular or premium(Boars-head or McKenzie) brand deli meats, along with our awesome selection of cheeses.

And Start Building

Veggies Include:

Lettuce - Onions - Tomatoes - Peppers - Cucumbers - Olives - Hot Peppers - Banana Peppers - Pickles - Pickle Spears

Dressings Include:

Mayo - Cajun Mayo - Chipotle Gourmaise - Peppercorn Gourmaise - Mustard (Yellow, Honey or Dijon) - Olive Oil - Balsamic Vinegar - Horseradish Sauce - Italian - Ranch - 1000 Island - Ketchup

Join Our Sub Club And Save

Ask for a sub club card at the register when you check out.


6 full subs punched gets you a free small or medium sub.

12 full subs punched gets you a free large sub.